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Our secret sauce
Rapid Learning Methodology

93.6% of our members are confident to use their digital design skills after our courses.

Live Expert Chat

If you are ever stuck, just ask our in house expert team and we will show you the way

Micro Learning Lessons

We know you don't have the time or patience to watch a boring 1 hour video. That's why our videos are an average of 5 minutes or less.

Regular Examinations

93.6% of IDDA members report they are confident to use their digital design skills after our courses. Regular exams test your understanding at each stage to give you a complete working knowledge.

Concise Hints and Tips

The IDDA learning environment has been carefully crafted so you can consume new learning as fast as possible.

Online Note Taking

Take notes as you go along so you never forget key insights. Notes are collated and downloadable at any time.

Multiple Cognitive Learning Modalities

Everybody learns in their own unique way. That's why all lessons have a combination of audio, video, written and kinesthetic excercises for maximum engagement.

IDDA includes
Live Expert Chat

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