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The Swiss Army Knife for Revit

Every Architecture and Engineering firm wants to design faster, reduce the time it takes to complete projects and free up staff time.
Previously, the only way to do this was to have your team learn complex programs like Dynamo, Python, Grasshopper and the like.
But the challenge is that many architects and engineers dont want to learn programming code. They just want to get into the work.
With this in mind, Dr Ben decided to create a lot of the tools himself and share them with our members. So that’s how the IDDA Apps toolbar was born. The IDDA Apps toolbar is a Revit plugin and you can do amazing work with just a click of a button.
IDDA Apps Toolbar

Installation Instructions

Note. You will need an active IDDA Elite subscription to unlock the automation tools available in the Revit Toolkit.
The IDDA Apps toolkit is currently available for Revit 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Don’t like writing programming code?
Our team will do it for you

The IDDA Apps Revit Toolkit

The toolkit is guaranteed to save your team from performing monotonous, labourious manual tasks. Below you can see some of the features, but the best part of the toolbar is the "New Feature request".

IDDA Toolbar - New feature request

If you are ever completing a manual task that is labourious - feel free to send through a New Feature Request and our team will look into it. If it is technically possible, we will develop the feature and add it to the toolbar for you. We love developing new tools to improve your workflows and speed up your day to day tasks.

Practical Quiz

World first - Automated Practical Skills testing for Revit

IDDA has released a world-first automated practical skills testing for Revit. Now you can finally get a real answer the question:
"How good are you at Revit?"
In the IDDA Practical Revit test, the end user is given a small design task to reproduce as a 3D model in Revit. We then have a 150+ point automated check where we analyse every single detail of the model for accuracy. Our automated process checks for:

  1. Completeness
  2. Convention
  3. Documentation and
  4. Measurement Accuracy
The test is also timed, so you can ensure the candidate is proficient in speed as well as accuracy.

IDDA Toolbar - Practical Quiz

Workset Manager

Worksets are great for collaborating. But sometimes you are half way through a project and need to switch into collaboration mode. This can become painful to setup worksets and allocated elements to them. The Workset manager lets you create your worksets from an Excel file, and then choose which model cateogries you want to allocate to the worksets. It will then automatically allocate all elements to the correct workset and produce 3D views so you can visually verify what is on what workset!
IDDA Toolbar - Workset Manager


Revit files can get messy. You end up with a lot of views you didn't need, or you have too many view templates. Unfortunately the standard Purge tool in Revit doesn't allow you to do all these cleanups. These purge tools can clean up your file in no time. The Purge Views will give you the choice to remove views that are not placed on sheets and we have a tool to remove unplaced rooms... they are always hiding in the schedules! If there are any other items you would like to purge - just let us know!
IDDA Toolbar - Purge

Marketing Plans

You can see here that if you had a 300 apartment building and needed to generate individual floorplans, you just click one button and it’s all done. That one tool alone can literally save you dozens of hours. That used to be the job that the most junior person in the company was assigned to.
In the old days, you would have to manually create 300 separate marketing floorplans. And then if one floorplan changed, you’d have to manually rework the whole thing. It’s a nightmare really. Now with the IDDA Tools plugin, you just press one button.
IDDA Toolbar - Marketing Plans

Batch Loads Families

The Revit family library tool is also a game changer. You can see here that you just click any of the objects to bulk add them into your project. This saves you searching through folder after folder looking for that correct family. This tool allows you to select a folder, and search through every family in every subfolder. Looking for a particular light - just start typing and it will filter the available families. You can then bulk select, and click import and the tool will load in all those families for you.
IDDA Toolbar - Batch Load Families

Data and Document

The Data and Document tools help you with every day tasks. For example, it is quite easy to move around your room tags while you are documenting, and at some point you just want to reset them back to the center. This can be done with a click of the button now and can be applied per view or across the whole document. The Export Schedules command will go through all of your schedules and export them to Excel - one click. Super Easy!
IDDA Toolbar - Data and Document

The end of the "Wild West of Design"

This toolbar means anyone can get started with Revit now. And your team will be designing in a completely consistent format because they are all using the same objects, the same title blocks, the same templates. One client was happy because this means the end of the "wild west of design". You then have the worksets, sheets and views, model management, model data, documentation….so many great tools to automate and save valuable hours.

No need to hire expensive computational designers

The IDDA toolbar is the biggest timesaving design device.
Big firms are spending a fortune on computational designers to build custom scripts. We consistently get feedback that these scripts are buggy and not maintained. And then if that computational designer leaves, nobody else in the business knows how to pick it up and run with it.
Instead of spending a fortune on computational designers, you can simply add the IDDA toolbar to Revit and click a button. If you have any extra functionality you want to see - just ask! We are always happy to add new features where possible.
This toolbar is fully designed and supported by IDDA.

How to get started with IDDA Apps Toolbar?

The IDDA Apps Toolbar is included in your IDDA ELITE membership.

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