Scale Preview

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Reference an attractor point
  2. Reference a centre grid
  3. Create a centre box based on the centre grid
  4. Get the distance between the attractor point and the grid
  5. Use the Bounds command to get the range of distances
  6. Remap the original distances using the bounds as the reference domain and 0 to 1 as the target domain.
  7. This now gives us a scaling function between 0 and 1, 0 being scale to nothing and 1 being apply no scaling.
  8. Place the Scale component in your canvas.
  9. Connect the boxes as the geometry to scale, the grid points as the centre points and the remapped values as the scaling factor
  10. Hide the original boxes
  11. Move the attractor around to see the effect.

Hints and Tips

  • Remapping is a great way to quickly turn unknown data into a defined range to work from. This allows your systems to be adaptable to a lot of different contexts.
  • Use the Scale Non Uniform to test out the scaling in one or two directions only.
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